Avast vs AVG 2014 comparison: Best free antivirus software for PC?

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If you’ll ask tech experts, they’ll say free antivirus softwares are useless. The fact is, even though paid computer antivirus softwares are “touted” to make your computer absolutely protected against malware, trust me, IT’S A LIE!

New vulnerabilities are discovered every day and if you are not using an enterprise-grade security software for your computer, you are prone to them. So why would you waste money on premium antivirus software for PC, when you can get a good one for free.

In this blog post, I am going to compare two of the most popular free antivirus software for PC: 1) Avast and 2) AVG.

It’s Avast vs AVG time guys. I am going to give you a heads-on comparison of the two antivirus software, so that you can know, which is more apt for your security needs.

Avast vs AVG : Installation complexities ///

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Both of these free antivirus tools for Windows come in small installer packages that you can get for Free. You just have to install them like normal programs and you’re good to go. There is no need to register in either of the installations. AVG however has included this added AVG security toolbar in their installation package, which you may or may not like. It’s more or less like WoT (Web of Trust), gives you trust, and safety ratings of websites that you visit. What this toolbar does is good, but personally, I don’t like my browsers cluttered with toolbars.

Avast vs AVG : User-interface complexities ///


The 2014 version of AVG free antivirus has adapted styles from Microsoft’s Metro UI. It’s clean and elegant. The functionality are same as the earlier versions of the software, only the user interface has changed. I am personally not a fan of the Metro UI, but since this software is essentially gonna run in the background all the time, you won’t have any trouble with it.


Avast on the other hand has very simple user-interface. All the options and settings that people generally need are cleanly arranged in software’s first page. If there is something wrong with definitions / if Avast discovers malware on your computer, it will give you notification and an easy-to-follow solution to it. I am impressed by the user-interface of Avast.

Avast vs AVG : Security standards ///

Both of these companies have latest tools to protect your computer against viruses, malware, spyware, rootkits, keyloggers and more. They also protect your computer against fraudulent websites, that may be collecting your usernames, passwords, and credit card info.

So let’s do a little deeper Avast vs AVG security comparison.

The free version of Avast computer security comes with DynaGen technology. See, an antivirus is nothing with definitions. Definitions are lines of code that the antivirus looks for stripping out programs. That’s how it’s able to find trojans, spyware, rootkits etc. With DynaGen technology, Avast is getting real-time definition enhancements all the time, which means your software will be equipped to fight the ever-growing repository of viruses, malware and spyware. Apart from that, there are two type of scans that you can run: 1) quick scan and 2) full scan.

1) Quick scan: Quickly scans system files for viruses that may be active.

2) Full scan: Scans the entire system to find potential threats and corrupt files.

AVG free antivirus tool for PC on the other hand gives you protection against spammy links and the ability to shred files, as well as an advanced PC antivirus software. It scans links on the web pages that you visit and flags down links that seems spammy and/or harmful. The file shredder is a great benefit of AVG antivirus. It let’s you delete files without recovery. No data recovery tool would be able to revive a file / document that has been shredded.

Avast vs AVG : Run-time load ///

The free package of AVG antivirus undoubtedly has more features than Avast (in number), and because of that, it’s going to use more resources than Avast, when it’s protecting your PC. If you’re running an old system and are often running heavy apps on it, it’s better to go with Avast, because it’s both feature packed and doesn’t undermine computer’s performance.

Just because Avast doesn’t have link scanner, it doesn’t mean, it’s inferior to AVG. Avast, in my opinion, is going to track down new viruses faster than AVG, because it has DynaGen technology behind it.

By the way, the resources part shouldn’t be the base of your decision. You can use a tool called Game Booster pro, to put antivirus into background mode, while running heavy software. It will free up space for smoother performance.

Conclusion ///

Congratulations guys! You’ve made it to the end of this extensive Avast vs AVG comparison post.

Now that I have given you a detailed analysis of pros and cons of using either of the two free antivirus software for Windows, it’s up to you to choose one that suits your needs.

If I were to choose a free antivirus for my computer, I would choose none of them, because I am thrilled to use Microsoft’s Windows Defender. It’s awesome! If for some reason Microsoft discontinued it, I’d go for Avast!

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  1. Doug Villaire

    About 6 years ago, my college IT instructor recommended AVG over Avast. About 4 years ago, I switched to Avast because it offered many features for a free version. It also ran great in the background. However, over the last 4 years, Avast has been offering less and less every year. I am looking for decent protection without all the hype! How does AVG compare to Avast when in comes to “push media”? Here are a few gripes I have with the recent Avast:
    1) Just recently it refused to copy some archived files I know are clean.
    2) The every minute popups (only a slight exaggeration) trying to upgrade for a price, are getting annoying.
    3) Avast has also has been offering suggestions for alternatives when browsing for products on the internet (come on! I know what I am looking for).

  2. John

    At last, and honest review. I’m sick of sites claiming to compare these two products, only to just blast the user with numbers and features, leaving them totally perplexed. I’ve tried both AVG and Avast, and both have improved a lot over the years (AVG went through a bit of bad stage in terms of resource overhead and un-install issues), but both are good. I personally like Avast because it feels a little faster even though it’s interface can be frustrating. Just tinker with it when you set it up however and you’ll be Alright, including removing the ads at the bottom of the main menu. There is no substitute for a full-blown product (which includes real-time anti-virus AND anti-spyware protection), but as freebies, these two programs are pretty good. It’s better than nothing.

  3. greg gruber

    was on google chrome my pc has avast free anti virus when suddenly on the screen shows fbi ransome I guess at the time avast must have been sleeping no notification at all did not block so whats so goo about avast

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