How to find a lost / stolen cell phone using IMEI number


I completely understand your situation – You have lost your phone and you want to try anything and everything possible to get it back, because your lost phone is not only valuable in monetary terms, it also contains your personal data like contacts, photos, videos etc.

In this post, you will find some practical things you can do to get back your lost phone, or at least keep it safe from misuse. And you will learn to how to find a lost phone using IMEI number.

But before we begin – If you think that you phone is not stolen, but lost, you should do the following:-

  • Check the places you recently visited (College, Library, Friend’s home, Club etc.)
  • Check under the seats of your car
  • Check with lost and found section if lost your phone while travelling in a public transport

If you are lucky enough, you will get your phone back without going through the recovery process. It is possible to find a lost phone using IMEI number, but you can’t do it on your own.

If you don’t find your smartphone even then, follow the steps below.


  1. sanjay kumar

    sir please give me information where is my lost mobile and its last location that you can found. my details are:-
    IMEI NO:- 352306051982069
    MY CONTACT NO NOW IS 8858677474
    EMAIL. ID-

  2. usman

    I have lost my mobile on 6/04/2015 in Evening xiomi mi3 and IMEI number of the mobile is

    IMEI1 : 865072028151671

    I am requesting you to find the mobile and call on my number +91 9620683450

  3. B Anil kumar

    I lost my mobile and i tried all the 4 methods but i was unable to find that this is my imei no 359296058890444

  4. parmar harshad b

    I lost my mobile please find it imei number-865346021506507 gionee m2
    my contact number-8401984841

    • techniciandiary

      I am sorry that you lost your phone, but I don’t have a tracker with me, you can take help from the police or get the apps that I mentioned in the post to recover your stolen phone using imei number. Hope that helps.

    • techniciandiary

      Dear, you can try the methods mentioned in the post above to recover your lost smartphone, or get help from the police. The Police has very efficient tracking systems to track down lost, stolen mobile phones.

    • techniciandiary

      Well, you can use this guide to either A) Try to recover the phone with the help of police, or B) At least wipe your private data from the phone, or C) Use one of the tracking apps that you can use to find your lost phone using an IMEI number. Hope that helps.

  5. Marie

    IMEI 353411061777118
    Samsung S5
    This person stole this from from a disable person and fraudulently charged stuff and sent porn to elderly and minors. this person sent nasty stuff to this person’s grandma. Disgusting human being.

    Las Vegas, nv

  6. nitin p patel

    Hi siir my phone is LYF FLAME 8 WITH JIO SIM and I lost my phone on saturday and its imei no . 911510552467942 pls help me sir found my phone

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